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Why Us?

You may be a large organisation that already possesses all the data you need but you don’t have the resource or perhaps the expertise to use that data to answer your questions.

You may be looking to commission some market research but your brief is tricky and doesn’t fit a standard methodology.

why choose us?

You may be a smaller organisation with a limited budget and be looking for an approach specifically tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

You may be a consultancy or an agency that has a project that requires advanced research or analytical skills that you don’t have in house.

Like many of our clients you might fit one of these descriptions. Alternatively you may simply be looking for:

If any of this sounds familiar, please do get in touch.


SigDiff is the "must have researcher and statistician of choice" for all of my quantitative research projects. Their rare combination of in-depth analytical expertise, creative real world problem solving and close team collaboration make them stand out from the crowd. No question is ever too difficult to solve nor additional piece of analysis ever too time consuming to run – they are truly a pleasure to work with.

- Managing Partner (Marketing & Strategy Consultancy)