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What We do

We answer marketing questions ...

what we do

The types of question we answer include:


what we do

... by analysing and interpreting data ...

We regularly work with:

We use a range of analytical methods from basic interrogation to advanced methods such as segmentation, conjoint and econometric modelling.

... for major clients.

what we do

Most of our projects are conducted directly for the end clients, who tend to be large marketing organisations, often multinational.

We also partner with agencies who are working with these types of clients. For example we conduct market research for marketing consultancies and we conduct advanced analytics for market research agencies that do not have the required skills in-house. Our clients tend to operate in the following sectors:

The team at SigDiff are a key partner to us in the field of business analytics. Their ability to provide insight and provide actionable recommendations as well as their capability around brand modelling make them invaluable. We have a great working relationship with the team and they support our business both on an ongoing continuous data platform as well as doing ad hoc analyses for us. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn’t compete with us!

VP & Global Business Leader (FTSE 100 Consumer Healthcare)