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Track Record

Some current and recent projects ...


In Market Performance:

We provide monthly sales reports for a range of brands in consumer healthcare categories, integrating data from a variety of sources in order to build an international picture. The reports highlight areas of over- and under-performance for our client and we conduct extra analysis to identify the drivers as well as building market models to evaluate ROI.


Customer Experience:

We track customer satisfaction for a major grocery retailer versus their key competitors, including analysis to identify the most important drivers and key areas for focus. We have also conducted annual studies for a home wares retailer which enabled us to recommend areas for focus and then, in the next wave of research, evaluate the impact of the initiatives taken.


Market Segmentation:

We have conducted segmentation studies in a range of financial sectors, including insurance and international payments. In each case we identified groups with meaningful differences in terms of purchase behaviour, needs and attitudes to help our clients set their strategy and focus resources.


Proposition Development:

We have conducted several studies in financial services and telecoms to help clients configure their services. The studies used conjoint or other trade-off methodologies to identify the importance of the different features in driving customer choice.



We have evaluated a series of new food products from meat-replacement products (like meat-free sausages) to new types of potatoes. Some of these products have been very popular with consumers and our findings helped gain listings in the major supermarkets.


Range and Price:

Working with a partner research agency, we conducted a study on cat food to help the client determine the optimum range and pricing for two of their brands. Our role was to design and implement a conjoint exercise to model consumer choice which we used to build a simulator tool that enabled the client to test different potential scenarios.

What our clients have said about us ...